What tree has fruit that loojs like a b blueberry

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What tree has fruit that loojs like a b blueberry and looks like a cherry (but is blue).


One example of this common confusion is the common misconception that all cherries are sour. The opposite is true. All cherries are sour but not all sour cherries are cherries.

This has caused a lot of confusion when it comes to cherry trees.

I think this was discussed before, but in the "general consensus", you'd want to get at least a B or better in order to call yourself a cherry tree. In a perfect world, you'd want a B and be perfect! You'll probably get at least a B because there's no point in being a cherry tree and then being less than perfect.


Not sure about the tree, but the fruit that has fruit of the type that you describe is the blackberry or the raspberry.

The red ones don't even look like cherries, for most of them you need to remove the stem first.


They're commonly called Cherry Trees when they don't actually have any cherries (though there's some dispute about whether they actually do have cherries).

This has created the problem of calling the blackberries "cherries", which is confusing because there's a type of cherry called the Black Cherries.

The blackberries are called this because the fruit are black, but they're actually very similar to plums in both appearance and flavour.

They're also very similar to another fruit called the Gooseberry.

In your question, you ask for fruit that looks like a cherry but is blue, which makes it sound as if the fruit in question has the same "b" colour as the cherries. However, this is actually wrong. The fruit you're referring to is actually purple.

Cherry has a B colour, so in your example it could be B, C, D or even a mixture of D, E, F &, G (see below).

A similar fruit is called the plum. Plums have different levels of sugar than cherries, and can be anywhere from 'B' through to 'F', so it's possible your example fruit may be a purple plum.

Black Berry/Raspberry is not the only variety of this type of fruit.





The colour of the fruit depends on the variety of the plant, and the time it's been on the plant.

As cherry isn't the only type of fruit to have B as its colour, I'm sure you'd find plenty of other fruits which have this colour. I suggest you have a look on some fruit charts to see which fruit would match what you're describing.


You probably just need a chart, or in some cases, a list of fruit.

I can't see this question on-topic for this site. A search for "fruit chart" will turn up other sites that have charts (although my Google skills aren't good enough to have found them all for you).

For instance, there are many charts that show different-coloured cherries on different trees.


It's most likely a plum, and if you haven't already, then you may as well look up "Plum" in the index or a table of fruit. It sounds like you're referring to a cherries/plum mix.


You mentioned it was in a bag at the store. If you look at any type of bag at a grocery store they will have a list of the fruits inside. You can also take a close look at any fruit and look at the stem to see which variety is closest to your description.

When you pull apart a cherries or plums you can pull the stem from inside the fruit and it will look like this.

I would also look up other fruit like peaches and apples since there are a ton of them. I'm sure you could google and find one for your fruit.

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